Finding a Project and a Language

Before starting to translate a project you must first identify a project and a language you will be working on. Take a look at the Localization Lab projects at the hub on transifex.

The language you choose should be one that you are fluent in AND is listed as incomplete in the project you choose. An incomplete language is any one that is listed with less than 100%.

If you are not sure what project to start with, send us an email at and tell us a bit about yourself, including which languages you speak fluently.

Getting Started with Transifex

Localization Lab uses the Transifex platform. This page lists detailed instructions for getting started with the Transifex platform as a translator. Before starting this guide, you should know which PROJECT you would like to work on and which LANGUAGE you would like to translate.

  1. Create: Create a Transifex account by selecting "Try for free" on the Transifex homepage or selecting the following link:

  2. Verify: After creating the account, be sure to check the verification email you receive in your email inbox. The subject will be "[Action required] Please verify your Transifex registration"

  3. Profile: After clicking the verification link, type in your name (it can be a pseudonym), choose “Translator” as your role, and select “I want to join an existing project.”

  4. Find Project (1): Scroll down that same page and select “Find Projects.”

  5. Find Project (2): Type the name of the project you would like to join (ex: "Tor Project") into the search box and select the resulting link for that project. If you don't know which project to contribute to, take a look at our list of Projects.

  6. Choose Language: Scroll down the list of languages and select the language that you will translate into.

  7. Join Team: Select “Join Team.”

  8. Await Confirmation: You will see a message confirming that you requested to join the team. Now, you simply have to wait for an administrator to approve your request.

  9. Begin Translating: Upon being approved, you will find the project listed in the Transifex web interface side bar. Select the project name and you will find a "Translate" option in the project dashboard. Select "Translate" and get started!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if the language I want to translate is not on the list?
You can add a request for a new language. But please make sure the language you want is definitely not present!

Additional Resources

Many projects and individuals have compiled great translation resources. Here are a few examples: