Localized Digital Security Guides

Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Surveillance Self-Defense Guides

EFF’s Surveillance Self-Defence (SSD) guides help users all over the world secure their digital lives. They include tutorials and step-by-step information for using a number of different digital security tools and Internet freedom resources. The SSD guides are currently available in 10 different languages on the SSD website and with help from Localization Lab contributors, we are increasing the number of localized guides available for communities around the globe here on the Localization Lab website. If you are interested in having the SSD guides in your language, reach out to us at info@localizationlab.org for more information.


*NOTICE: Trainers and teachers all around the world have independently localized and translated content from EFF’s Security Education Companion and Surveillance Self-Defense. Please note that EFF has not reviewed or checked this work, and cannot vouch for its accuracy or whether it is up to date. However, we are including these links in case it’s helpful to your teaching practice. In case of doubt, always compare them with the latest version on EFF's own websites, at https://ssd.eff.org/ and https://sec.eff.org/.