Localization Lab is always looking for translators and projects to join our community. See below for current localization priorities.

Localization Priorities

A select set of our most pressing needs. Can you help with one of these priorities? Reach us at info@localizationlab.org

Tibetan Localization - Support the Tibetan community by translating and providing feedback on circumvention and encryption apps for Tibetan speakers. 

Chinese (Simplified) Localization - We have multiple projects seeking Chinese (Simplified) localization for user in mainland China. Chinese (Traditional) is used in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan and you can find the projects that need support here.

Farsi Localization - With the Iranian parliamentary elections coming up, we have a number of privacy tools and circumvention projects that still need work and review urgently. 

Spanish Localization - To support Spanish speaking users in Spain, Latin Ameirca and South America you can join the teams on these projects and apps that are seeking Spanish translation

In Depth Guide

Want to learn more about how localization works? You can learn more soon on our wiki.