Localization Lab is always looking for translators and projects to join our community. See below for current localization priorities.

Localization Priorities

A select set of our most pressing needs. Can you help with one of these priorities? Reach us at info@localizationlab.org

Khmer Localization - We are currently seeking Khmer translators for several circumvention and encryption tools to support Cambodians in the face of recent censorship of several independent media outlets. 

Arabic Localization - With the recent increase in censorship in Egypt and continued censorship across the Arabian Peninsula, support is always needed to keep circumvention and digital security tools up to date in Arabic.

Turkish Localization - Censorship and the security of human rights workers, journalists and activists are increasing concerns in Turkey. Support individuals in Turkey by contributing to circumvention and privacy tools and promoting them in your networks.

Luganda Localization - Support translation of digital security tools and terminology into Luganada! Particular focus is being placed on standardizing technical terms in Luganda so that tools and training materials can be effectively localized. Join the Luganda Language Team and take a look at projects currently being localized into Luganda here.

Farsi Localization - In the face of consistent censorship and digital security concerns in Iran, privacy tools and circumvention projects are in regular need of translation and review. 

Tibetan Localization - Support the Tibetan community by translating and providing feedback on circumvention and encryption apps for Tibetan speakers. 

Chinese (Simplified) Localization - We have multiple projects seeking Chinese (Simplified) localization for user in mainland China. Chinese (Traditional) is used in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan and you can find the projects that need support here.

Spanish Localization - To support Spanish speaking users in Spain, Latin America and South America you can join the teams on these projects and apps that are seeking Spanish translation.

Shona Localization - Help make digital security tools and terminology accessible in Shona by contributing to the Shona glossary and localization of tools. Join the Shona Language Team and take a look at projects currently being localized into Luganda here.

In Depth Guide

Want to learn more about how localization works? We are in the process of building up resources on our wiki. Take a look, contribute and let us know what information you think we should add!