Since 2012, we have led the effort to make Free and Open-source technology available to a global audience, allowing everyone to have equal access to information, privacy, and secure communications.

Our Mission

Localization Lab believes that language shouldn't be a barrier when it comes to the Internet. Since 2012, we have helped expand the reach of Internet freedom tools by unlocking access to communities all over the world. 

We aim to:

  • Expand the reach of Internet freedom technology and supporting materials.
  • Facilitate relationships between developers and end-users to increase the adoption of new technologies by ensuring that community needs are being met.
  • Create networks with local partners

Who we are

We are a global, growing community of 6000+ volunteer translators who support the translation and localization of Internet freedom tools: technologies that address security, privacy and anonymity online to ensure that people around the world have safe avenues for accessing information on the Internet.  Many of the tools translated by the Localization Lab help to protect the lives and physical security of individuals who do not have open access to information on the Internet.

The quote from Chido at FIFAfrica
— Chido Clara Musodza, Democratic Society of Zimbabwe

What We've Achieved

The Numbers

  • 77 active localization projects in Transifex
  • 6000+ localizers
  • 200+ languages including: Khmer, Burmese, Azerbaijani, Basque, Shona, Swedish and many more...
  • 10+ collaborative localization sprints and events per year

The Outcomes

  • Increased adoption of Internet freedom tools
  • Diversity and representation in the Internet freedom space
  • Space for co-design and collaboration