Call for IFF Localization Sprint Projects and Participants

Localization Lab is excited to announce that it will hosting another day-long Localization Sprint coinciding with the 2016 Internet Freedom Festival taking place in Valencia and we are currently looking for projects and their developers to participate in the event!

What is a Localization Sprint? A Localization Sprint is a day in which translators and developers sit side-by-side and work together to understand, translate and test internet freedom tools.

What is in it for you as a developer? As a participating developer, you will not only leave the sprint with a significant amount of your tools translated into several languages, but you will also gain insight into localization process from the perspective of translators, get valuable feedback from translators who in many cases are end users themselves, and get the opportunity to meet and build relationships with the passionate community that helps make your tools available world-wide.

Take a look at what was achieved at last year’s IFF Localization Sprint focusing on Globaleaks and the Tor Project here on the Localization Lab website:  Localization Sprint in Valencia

Who is an ideal candidate for participation?

  • You have an internet freedom tool that is ready to localize - either within the existing OTF Hub on Transifex, or outside using a different translation management tool.

  • You have at least one developer or localization project manager available to participate in the day-long event. 

  • You have a provoking narrative for translating your tool - organizations or end users have requested the tool be made available in their language or you have a strong use case for a particular region / language.

If you are interested in participating here is what we need from you :

  1. The name of your project / tool :

  2. Is your tool already in the OTF Hub in Transifex? :

  3. What are your language priorities? :

  4. Name(s) and contact information of Localization Sprint attendee(s) :

  5. Availability during IFF :

Please let us know if you are interested in participating and provide the above information by WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 3RD. Submissions will be considered by the community and the tools that are included in the Localization Sprint will ultimately be decided collectively.

For those developers who may not be interested in participating in the Localization Sprint but are still interested in contributing to Localization Lab and OTF Hub activities, we will also be hosting a day-long Localization Summit that will bring together translators, developers and other community members to discuss localization related issues and challenges and how to tackle them in the year to come. We welcome all participation - the more the merrier - just let us know if you plan on attending so that we can plan accordingly.