Spanish Localization Sprint, June 15th - 17th in Colombia

Next week Localization Lab and Internews will be hosting a Spanish localization sprint in Colombia. Over the course of three days, an amazing community of Spanish-speaking digital security trainers and activists will be translating the LevelUp website and Security First's Umbrella App as well as discussing and working through the challenges of translating technical content.  Both LevelUp and Umbrella are invaluable resources for digital and physical security information as well as how to educate and train individuals in those areas.

What is LevelUp?
LevelUp is an online repository for resources for the global digital safety training community. Through the LevelUp website, you can access advice from fellow digital safety trainers and experienced facilitators, customize curriculum keyed to how adults learn, learn more from experts on the Psychology of Security Trainings and self-care (including how stress and trauma affect the ability to learn as well as train effectively), get ideas from icebreakers and activities to start your workshops and make them fun, check out guides on developing trainings and crafting agendas, and more. All made for trainers by their fellow trainers.

Learn more on the LevelUp website.

What is Umbrella App?
Umbrella is a free, open-source app for Android devices, developed by the Security First team. Umbrella brings together all the latest tools and advice on how to operate securely. Based on your level of ability, it offers simple, practical advice on what to do and what tools to use, reflecting your level of risk.

For more information, visit the Security First website. Download Umbrella on Google Play, through F-Droid or Amazon.

If you are interested in contributing remotely to the localization sprint, you can either sign up for the LevelUp and Umbrella App teams in Transifex or contact the Localization Lab team at for more information.