Tor Project AMA!

This Friday, June 23rd at 15:00 UTC Localization Lab will be hosting an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with members of the Tor Project!

Dig deep and compile all of those questions you've been saving about how the Tor network works, what is happening when it doesn't work (thinking about recent events in Egypt), how you can get more involved in the project... And don't forget to bring any localization-related questions that you have to the table. This AMA is open to technical and less-technical alike, so don't feel like your questions may be too advanced or too simple. If time doesn't allow answering questions that are complex, there is always space to continue these discussions outside of the AMA.

The AMA will take place in the new Localization Lab Mattermost channel. The channel is being hosted by the Internet Freedom Festival, so if you have already registered with their Mattermost community, you simply need to join our channel.

Joining the Localization Lab Mattermost Channel:

  1. Select the following link:
  2. You will be required to provide and email address, a username and password. Select "Create Account."
  3. Once you have created your account, you will be able to access a list of channels in the left-hand task bar. Select "More..." and scroll down to find the "Localization Lab" channel. Select "Join."
  4. Take a look at the Internet Freedom Festival Code of Conduct. These guidelines will apply within the IFF channels and the Localization Lab channels to ensure that we have positive and inclusive communication.
  5. Lastly, feel free to introduce yourself to everyone in the Localization Lab channel and in the IFF Square.