Localization Lab Community Updates (Apr. 06, 2018)

Upcoming Events

SecureDrop AMA

The SecureDrop AMA will take place Thursday, April 12th at 17:00 UTC! This is the perfect opportunity to ask the SecureDrop development team any questions you have about SecureDrop and the process of localizing SecureDrop. Bring general or string-level questions - this will be the perfect opportunity to engage real-time with those who can address your questions and concerns.

More Information here.

LocLab Community Meeting

Mark your calendars! We will be hosting another community meeting next Friday, April 13th at 14:00 UTC and would love to hear from new and returning voices in the community. The meeting will be held on Jitsi Meet.

This is an opportunity to ask questions, bring up concerns, make suggestions and propose projects that you think will move the Localization Lab community forward. It is also an opportunity to interact with fellow contributors and put voices to usernames.

Please feel free to suggest topics for discussion in the open notes document.

Even if you are not able to attend, feel free to add topics and questions that you would like us to cover in the meeting.

Project Needs

Onion Browser

The translation and review deadline for new locales to be incorporated in the next Onion Browser release is April 27th!

We are looking for individuals interested in contributing to the following languages. If a language you would like to see in the next release is not listed below, that means work has not been started.There is still time to request a new language for Onion Browser and POE, translate and review by the 27th of April! Please get in touch as soon as possible so that you can be added to the project and we can find a reviewer to collaborate with you.

100% Translated and Reviewed (or Review in Progress): 
French, Simplified Chinese, Irish

Review Needed: 
Icelandic, German

Translation & Review Needed:
Norwegian Bokmål, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Persian, Hungarian, Traditional Chinese, Catalán


SecureDrop is looking for reviewers for Arabic, Finnish, Romanian, Russian, Swedish! Finnish, Romanian, Russian and Swedish have been 100% translated however have not been released because they require a full review. 

In addition, Polish and Vietnamese translations of SecureDrop are almost 100% finished! If you would like to see SecureDrop released for Polish and Vietnamese media organizations in the coming release, let us know if you can contribute to translation or review!

Translation and review must be finished by May 7th in order to be incorporated in SecureDrop version 0.7 If you are able to assist or can recommend translators or reviewers, please let us know!

Working Groups

Arabic Technical Terminology

The Arabic language team is looking for individuals who are interested in contributing to the unified Arabic glossary and discussing guidelines for creation of new terminology, dialectical differences and how to best serve all Arabic-speaking digisec and circumvention users.

If you are interested in joining the conversation and contributing, please let us know! The group is primarily communicating via the Arabic localization channel in the IFF Mattermost instance. You can sign up here.

Drafting a Style Guide

Following up on discussions at IFF this year, several Localization Lab contirbutors have begin an initiative to draft style guides to support projects and language teams, starting with SecureDrop as a an example from which to build a template for all digisec and circumvention free software projects.

If you are interested in joining the working group, discussion is currently taking place on the SecureDrop forum.

Project Updates


Psiphon 3 for Android and Windows clients is currently being translated and reviewed in Tigrinya and Afaan Oromoo. Once the effort is completed, Psiphon 3 will be available to a large swath of the Ethiopian community, with Amharic translation of both tools having been completed last fall.

Contact us if you are interested in testing or helping with outreach after the Tigrinya and Afaan Oromoo localization is finished.


Again we are excited to announce that VeraCrypt joined the Localization Lab Hub in March and released VeraCrypt v. 1.22 on March 30th, containing 100% translated and reviewed language packs in 5 languages (English, Polish, Romanian, German, French), 100% translated but not 100% reviewed language packs in 5 languages (Spanish, Czech, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Arabic) and partial translations in 39 different languages.

The next official VeraCrypt release will not be for several months (up to 6), however the project releases betas on a monthly basis when you can test out translations in progress. If you would like to finish translation or review for any of the partial language packs, let us know!

Thai Localization

By the end of the month, we expect to see updated and reviewed versions of the following tools in Thai as a result of a partner organization's focus on digisec tools for Thailand:

Signal (iOS, Android)

Contact us if you are interested in testing or helping with outreach after the Thai localization is finished.

March Translation & Review Contributions

As always, a million thanks to all of the Localization Lab contributors for the hours of dedication and care you put into adapting digital security and circumvention tools for a global community.

Over the month of March, roughly 43,200 words were translated, 41,463 words were edited and 50,143 were reviewed across Localization Lab supported projects in the Transifex hub.

Special recognition goes to arielbarbosa, neocaching, emmapeel, Acclarothailand, umkdikshit, Tinkerer, nikafn1, gudvadym and tkussa for contributing more than 2,000 words each to translation and / or review in March.