Introducing the Localization Lab's Community-led Training Series

The Community-led training series leverages the expertise of our contributors, providing an opportunity for our volunteers both to learn and to share their skills. The idea for the series was born out of conversations with contributors about different ways to structure our monthly meetups, and how to best engage members of the community at large.

The first training in our series is an Introduction to Weblate, a web-based translation management platform, which was facilitated by Loic Dachary from SecureDrop with a guest appearance from the Weblate developer, Michal Čihař.

We are hoping that the training topics will be as varied and diverse as the community itself -- the suggested themes don’t have to be limited to localization. So far, our contributors have shown interest in the following training ideas:

  • How to write a good feature request/bug report in Git.
  • How to use a dictation plugin as a localization assist.
  • How to use filters in Transifex to make your work easier.
  • How to run a Tor relay.
  • How to use Docker Images securely.

If you have a skill you would like to share or a topic you would like to learn more about, reach out to us at Thanks to our amazing contributors we are able to share a video of the Weblate training. Take a look and let us know what you think!