Localization Demos & Sprint at IFF 2019: Call for Project Participants

It’s that time of year again! Localization Lab is looking for Internet freedom projects that are interested in participating in our Localization Sprint & Demo Session!

The demo and sprint session will take place on Thursday April 4th from 14:45 - 18:45 in the "Sunny" space at Las Naves and will consist of rotating demos followed by collaborative localization, one-on-one time with localizers and end users, and translation tool support and tutorials.  

As a project owner the Demo & Sprint session is an opportunity for you to showcase your project, get feedback from a diverse group of Localization Lab and IFF contributors from around the globe, kick start and energize your localization efforts by providing valuable context and support for translators on the spot, and build relationships with individuals interested in long-term contribution to your project. 

What should you come prepared to present?

  • 5 - 10 minute demo of your project

  • Answers to the following questions:

    • Who your project is for?

    • Who is it not for?

    • What sets your project apart from any similar initiatives?

    • What are some example use cases for your project?

    • What are your regional or language localization priorities?

    • What are you short and long term project goals, particularly when related to localization?

Due to time and space constraints, the initial demos will be limited to 6 projects. In order to participate, your project should be:

  • Currently supported by Localization Lab either in the Localization Lab Hub in Transifex or on Weblate; and

  • Localizable, ready to accept translations with a localization workflow in place to publish translated and reviewed content.

If you are interested in participating in the Localization Lab Demo & Sprint session please contact Erin and let us know:

  • What your current localization priorities are (the audiences you are trying to reach through localization -- this will help us do targeted outreach); and

  • What you hope to accomplish at the Demo & Sprint session.

*If you are not able to make the Demo & Sprint session, but are interested in interfacing with Localization Lab contributors at IFF, let us know! We would love to host informal localization meetups at IFF for individuals who want to work on localization projects or collaborate with developers outside of sessions. We want to connect you with individuals interested in working on your project!