Qubes OS Localization Sprint

Sunday March 5th,  10:00 - 17:00
Las Naves in "La Factoria"

Localization Lab will be hosting a Spanish-language localization sprint in conjunction with the Internet Freedom Festival which will focus on Qubes OS, a free, open-source, security-oriented operating system.

Qubes takes an approach called security by compartmentalization, which allows you to compartmentalize the various parts of your digital life into securely isolated compartments called qubes.

Participants at the sprint will kick-start the translation of Qubes OS into Spanish, discuss terminology and approaches to technical translation for a global Spanish-speaking audience, as well as continue hacking a Spanish Internet Freedom glossary. The Qubes team will be present to demo the operating system, support translation and answer questions throughout the day.

Contact us if you will be in Valencia on March 5th and are interested in joining us! We are trying to build a diverse group of contributors to represent the needs and dialects of Latin America and the Peninsula and to ensure rich discussions.

(Lunch and coffee breaks will be provided.)

Localization Community Superteam: Lessons Learned and Innovative Approaches

Monday, March 6th: 14:30 - 15:30
Las Naves in “Gallery Back”

In this panel we will solicit stories and approaches to localization challenges from several projects within the Localization Lab Hub and working outside of it through different platforms. Come ready to learn about different localization workflows, community management strategies and translation platform choices.

3rd Annual Localization Summit

Tuesday, March 7th, 10:00 - 17:00
Valencia, Spain
AC Hotel Valencia

The Localization Summit will bring together translators from the Localization Lab community from around the world, as well as developers of digital security and Internet freedom tools, to collaborate on advancing the translation and localization of those tools.  It will also be an opportunity to discuss how to create processes whereby end users and translators can effectively communicate input and feedback to the developers, and tool developers can solicit insight and local knowledge from translators and end users with the goal of improving localization and adoption of their tools.

(Lunch and coffee breaks will be provided.)

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Localization Demos & Sprint

Wednesday, March 8th, 9:45 - 13:30
Las Naves in "Flyover Back"

A Localization Sprint is a community event that gathers people from an important user community to both provide feedback and localization for a project (a tool or resources like Tor, Signal or Journalists in Distress: Securing your Digital Life) and to have a chance to test out the product with the developers.

Due to popular demand, we will hosting a series of "speed dating demos" in collaboration with developers of various digital security and Internet freedom projects and will then focus on translation of those projects over the course of several hours. The sprint will not only be a chance to do some intensive translation in collaboration with colleagues and developers; you will also have a chance to test out the tools you are translating, ask questions and give the developers feedback on the tool and its localization.  We look forward to the sprint as a fun opportunity for all of us to work together on making tools more globally accessible.

This year's projects include the following and more!

  • Globaleaks
  • M-Lab
  • Pootle
  • Psiphon
  • Tails
  • Tor

Learn about last year's Sprint and Summit