Localization Lab at the Internet Freedom Festival in 2016

As many of you will have noted from recent posts, the Internet Freedom Festival (IFF) is quickly approaching and for the second year in a row, Localization Lab will be hosting several exciting events over the course of the festival!

For those of you not familiar with IFF, it is a free event - taking place March 1 - 6 in Valencia, Spain - that "gathers the community keeping the Internet open and uncensored for a week of multidisciplinary collaboration." This involves community-led discussions and networking surrounding a wide array of internet freedom topics including...the localization of internet freedom tools.

IFF will be Localization Lab's largest public presence of the year where we will host a Localization Summit, a day in which community members come together to discuss the challenges that face the community as a whole, a Localization Sprint, where translators are able to work on the translation of select tools from the Hub in the same room as and with the support of the developers of those tools, a localization informational session and various informal networking and bonding opportunities for the community.

** We would love to have as much community participation and collaboration in the aforementioned events as possible and encourage anyone who is able to join us in Valencia and share in the activities. If you are planning on attending IFF and want to take part in any of the Localization Lab events, please let us know so that we can plan accordingly and make the most of your background and experience. **

If you have any questions about IFF or the Localization Lab events, please don't hesitate to ask Dragana or Erin, or refer to the ongoing planning discussions we will be having through the LocLab Google Group.