New LocLab Project: Net Aid Kit

We are excited to announce that NetAidKit has joined the Hub! Take a minute to learn about the project below from the project’s coordinator, Menso Heus, and join us in welcoming NetAidKit to the community!

Join the NetAidKit translation team on the project overview page :


Hello everyone! My name is Menso Heus and I’m the coordinator of the NetAidKit project. The NetAidKit is a pocket size, USB powered router that connects everything to everything, designed specifically for non-technical users. The easy to use web interface will allow you to connect the NetAidKit to a wireless or wired network and share that connection with your other devices, such as a phone, laptop or tablet.

Once the NetAidKit is connected to a wireless or wired network, you can make it connect to a Virtual Private Network or the anonymizing Tor network at the click of a button. Any devices connected to the NetAidKit will use these extra security features automatically, without needing to configure each of the devices separately. 

We’ve designed the product specifically for journalists and activists in repressive regimes and a lot of our target audience doesn’t speak English. That’s why we’re looking for help translating our interface in different languages and where hopefully you come in! The interface is quite minimal and so is the amount of words that need translating. I did the translation from English to Dutch and was done within an hour! It’d be great if you could help us out and I’d be more than willing to give translators credit on our website.

For more information about the NetAidKit, visit 

Hoping to collaborate with you all soon!