Localization Lab Community Updates: June 05, 2018

Staff Announcement

We are very excited to introduce Andrea Chong Bras to the community as our new Localization Associate! The Localization Lab community has grown exponentially over the past several years and we are pleased to have Andrea join us to assist with community management and outreach so that we can better understand volunteer needs and priorities and continue to strengthen our community networks.

Andrea has worked in education and translation projects for the past 10 years and speaks Spanish and Portuguese. She also has experience in workshop facilitation and community management for community-based initiatives across different sectors. Most recently, Andrea has been localizing projects with Localization Lab and is very excited to have a bigger role in the Localization Lab community. 

Please join us in welcoming Andrea to her new role in the Localization Lab community!

You can find Andrea on Mattermost (@acb555) and get in touch by email (andrea@localizationlab.org).

Upcoming Events

LocLab Community Meeting

Mark your calendars! We will be hosting another community meeting this Friday, June 15th at 14:00 UTC and would love to hear from new and returning voices in the community. The meeting will be held on Jitsi Meet.

This is an opportunity to ask questions, bring up concerns, make suggestions and propose projects that you think will move the Localization Lab community forward. It is also an opportunity to interact with fellow contributors and put voices to usernames.

Please feel free to suggest topics for discussion in the open notes document.

Even if you are not able to attend, feel free to add topics and questions that you would like us to cover in the meeting.

Project Updates

Psiphon 3

A new version of Psiphon 3 for Android and Windows has been deployed with the recently finished Afaan Oromoo and Tigrinya translations! Psiphon 3 is now available in Tigrinya, Amharic and Afaan Oromoo to support Ethiopian users.

Are you connected to networks in Ethiopia? Do you speak Tigrinya, Afaan Oromoo or Amharic? Share the news, download the application and give us your feedback!

Platform Updates

Transifex Filter Updates

Transifex has updated their (recently updated) web editor search filters, allowing users to search for multiple tags at once and offering suggestions when searching for a tag. You can also now filter strings by developer notes, instructions and issue status.

Project owners take note: Being able to search by issue status will now allow you to filter strings based on whether they have an open issue, a closed issue or no issue. This will allow you to respond to contributor issues more effectively.

You can view all of the available filters in the updated Transifex documentation.

May Translation & Review Contributions

In May we welcomed 30 new contributors to projects in the Localization Lab Hub. These new volunteers are contributing to projects in Dutch, Greek, Norwegian (Bokmål), Persian, Italian, Gujarati, Hindi, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Gujarati, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Georgian, Galician, Spanish, German, Catalan, French.

Over the course of the month roughly 410,023 words were translated, 265,556 words were edited and 9,318 were reviewed across Localization Lab supported projects in the Transifex hub.