Events are important to our community: they connect translators, developers, partner organizations and the public to each other! We currently run a few different events in different ways. Keep an eye out here for more information and RSVP to community events through the Localization Lab calendar.

Upcoming Events

Localization Lab regularly attends events and conferences related to Internet freedom, localization, privacy, and more! You can find one or more team members at these upcoming events. If you want to meet up with us, email us at

*Contact us if you are interested in contributing to this event as a remote participant.

Localization Sprints

Localization sprints are events we like to hold about once a month, where we bring together a community from a language group to translate one project, app, or software all at once. The developers are present to answer any questions that usually delay the translation process, and also to learn usability feedback from the translators. Anyone can run a localization sprint for their community, contact us at for help. Here are some examples of sprints we've held the past few months:

  • Tibetan language sprint for SecureReader with Tibet Action
  • Multi-language sprint for Tor and GlobaLeaks at CTF
  • Turkish language sprint focusing on Tor, Orbot, Psiphon3
  • Farsi sprint for mobile circumvention and encryption apps 
  • Spanish sprints for LevelUp and Umbrella App
  • Luganda, Shona and Northern Ndebele sprint for Signal, Peerio and Psiphon

Community Events

This year we hosted our second community summit at the Internet Freedom Festival (IFF) in Valencia. You can read about 2016 Localization Summit and Sprint here!

Localization Lab also currently supports regular meetings with open agendas the first Friday of the month at 14:00 UTC. Take a look at the calendar above to see when you can join the discussion!


To make localization faster and easier, we at Localization Lab aim to increase communication between developers and translators. Not understanding the context is the biggest obstacle to localization and a few times a year we host an hour long session in which we can meet with the developers behind of one of our projects, learn more about it, and ask questions. 

Upcoming AMA's:

Couldn't make it to a previous AMA? You can access transcripts here:

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