Events are important to our community because they connect translators, developers, partner organizations and the public. Localization Lab regularly attends events and conferences related to Internet freedom, localization, privacy, and more. You can find one or more team members at these upcoming events. If you want to meet up with us, email us at or RSVP to an event in the calendar.

What kinds of events are in the calendar?

Localization Sprints

Localization sprints are events where we bring together a community from a language group to translate one project, app, or software all at once. The developers are present to answer any questions that usually delay the translation process, and also to learn usability feedback from the translators. Anyone can run a localization sprint for their community, contact us at for help.

Peer-led Training

The Community-led training series leverages the expertise of our contributors, providing an opportunity for our volunteers to both learn and to share their skills. The training topics are as varied and diverse as the community itself — the suggested themes don’t have to be limited to localization. So far, our contributors have shown interest in the following training ideas:

  • How to write a good feature request/bug report in Git.

  • How to use a dictation plugin as a localization assist.

  • How to use filters in Transifex to make your work easier.

  • How to run a Tor relay.

  • How to use Docker Images securely.

If you have a skill you would like to share or a topic you would like to learn more about, reach out to us at

Monthly Community Meetings

Our monthly community meetings are group voice chats on Jitsi Meet where we gather the community to discuss updates, ask questions, and make suggestions about any upcoming Localization Lab activities. They are an excellent opportunity for members of the community to have a direct say in future initiatives.


To make localization faster and easier, Localization Lab creates spaces for developers, end users, and translators to connect. We host an hour-long AMA session where we can meet with the developers behind of one of our projects, learn more about the project, and ask questions.


A Demo is a video walk-through of a tool that is being localized by the community. Contributors are able to gain a better understanding of the tool in use and can ask any questions which may help add context to the localization process.

Localization Lab Summit

Every year at the Internet Freedom Festival, Localization Lab gathers members of the community for a daylong event to discuss issues, address challenges, and brainstorm ideas for the upcoming year. It is an exciting day full of conversation, skill sharing, and snacks from around the globe!