Becoming a Contributor

Are you interested in making privacy and Internet Freedom tools available for your community? Do you speak English and another language fluently? If this describes you, then join our community of volunteer contributors who work to localize digital security and circumvention tools! Take a look at the following guide and then follow the simple steps to join a language team:

Join A Language Team In 3 Easy Steps:


Step 1
: browse our supported projects

Browse through our full list of supported projects along with more detailed information about how you can contribute.

Step 2: create a transifex account

A majority of the supported projects are found in the Localization Lab Hub on Transifex. However, some projects are localized using tools like Weblate. If you can't find your project on Transifex, double check the project page on the Localization Lab Wiki to find out where a project is localized.



Step 3: Join a Language team

Select the project you want to contribute to from the list on Transifex and select “Join Team”. You can also join project teams from the Localization Lab wiki.

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