we connect communities, partner organizations and developers to create conversations around the importance of cultural and linguistic context in technology.



Localization Sprints


What is a Localization Sprint? 

A Localization Sprint is a collaborative event that is unique to Localization Lab, similar to a code sprint. The event brings together participants from different communities, ranging from Civil Society Organizations, linguists, digital security trainers, technologists, students, professional translators, and activists.

Having sprint participants from diverse backgrounds means that terminology can be chosen which is contextualized for a wider audience of users, especially in language groups where the technical terminology doesn’t yet exist. The participants can then become advocates for this new terminology within their communities, allowing for sustainable adoption of the technology.

Localization Sprints Ensure:

  • Timely, accurate, and quality translations.

  • Community development around a product and its importance.

  • Awareness and narrative development around a product, leading to increased adoption.

  • User feedback, leading to higher rates of penetration into a target audience.

  • Dialogue around the creation of technical terminology in minority languages.


End User Feedback


Wonder why your product isn't being used in Uganda? Or why downloads are declining among Spanish language users?

End user feedback is essential to our work at Localization Lab because it provides invaluable insight into the real needs of end users. We provide technical, cultural context, and usability feedback to developers, ensuring that your product reaches its target audience and that user needs are met.

How can user feedback help you?

  • Provides an accurate view of product success by region and/or language.

  • Allows for more precise audience targeting.

  • Ensures increased adoption.


Localization Management


Localization is more than just translation

Experienced localization management from the design stages to outreach and marketing ensures that your tool addresses the needs of the communities you are trying to serve, and effectively uses language that they understand and are comfortable with.

how does localization lab bring your content to a global audience?

  • We identify your project’s localization needs and ensure it is ready to be localized for the intended communities.

  • We help you set up your project, import resources and fully utilize the translation memory, translation checks and glossary features available.

  • We coordinate localization through other web-based localization tools like Weblate, using Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools or text documents.

  • We maintain a glossary of technical terms and neologisms specific to digital security technologies to ensure that your tool uses language consistent with similar technologies.

  • Post-localization we coordinate testing, feedback and outreach to ensure that your localized tool functions correctly and reaches the hands of the individuals who need it.


Community Management


grow your user base through engagement

Our growing community is at the heart of the work we do, so we know the importance of outreach, engagement and active dialogue when it comes to building strong networks.

How do we grow the community?

  • We maintain constant communication with contributors across a variety of platforms.

  • We run community meetings to address any needs or challenges.

  • We publish updates to keep the community connected with the projects.

  • We facilitate events, trainings and demos to provide the community with opportunities to learn and to share their skills.

  • We create dialogue between developers, contributors and end users around projects.